Make an educated decision about co-parenting with these facts

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2019 | Family law

As couples in North Carolina divorce, many face a fear of the future and worries for their children. Divorce can take a serious toll on every member of the family, but if handled correctly, the damage can be minimized as the experience can be positive for all involved. One aspect of divorce for those who have children is co-parenting. The practice has many benefits to it.

According to coParenter, children who are co-parented successfully are just as successful and grow up to be as healthy as those whose parents had successful marriages. In some cases, they may be more successful. They have a lower divorce rate in their own lives, and they are more likely to have a successful career.

When done correctly, co-parenting can significantly increase the chances of success for kids. When done poorly, the children are more vulnerable to things such as drug use, delinquency, mental health problems and even suicide.

When parents co-parent correctly, they teach children how to not just cope with a rotten situation, but how to proactively create a good situation out of a bad one. Social maturity and good self-esteem come from parents who respect each other. Cooperation and communication between parents teach children social skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. Kids learn to effectively and courteously resolve disagreements and the family area remains a comfortable, safe place.

The Huffington Post identifies additional benefits to co-parenting. Children feel that their emotions matter and that they are truly loved. They believe they have a voice to share their feelings without fear or anxiety. They are proud of the dignity, class and respect their parents show. They are also able to maintain a strong bond with both parents.

Those seeking a divorce must decide if a co-parenting approach works for them. A family law attorney may be able to help negotiate a situation that works for the entire family.