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Roadside tragedy in North Carolina

North Carolina highways can be busy, dangerous places. While one might think it is safer to travel in the wee…

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It’s becoming more dangerous to drive in America

Driving trends and car accident statistics indicate that driving in North Carolina is a risky endeavor. The behavior of drivers seems to…

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Holding speeders accountable

If you are concerned about the recent rise in traffic fatalities in North Carolina, you are not alone. Last year, the state saw a…

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What damages are available to a personal injury victim?

A car accident has the potential to leave a North Caroline victim struggling with serious injuries and other complications. Of…

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The dangerous implications of distracted driving

A driver has the obligation to operate his or her vehicle responsibly and safely. This means drivers of all ages…

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The right course of action after a car accident

Most North Carolina drivers are unprepared for an unexpected emergency, such as a motor vehicle collision. A car accident is…

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Distracted driving can come in many different forms

When driving, the main priority should be the safe operation of the vehicle and arriving at the destination safely. Distractions…

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A car accident can cause traumatic brain injury

A car accident can be minor or severe, and it can cause numerous injuries, including death. One possible injury is…

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What is contributory negligence and how might it affect my case?

Currently, there are only a handful of states that follow contributory negligence laws in a case based on negligence. North…

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Road rage and aggressive driving can lead to a personal injury case.

For people who drive all the time, a certain creeping annoyance at other drivers is familiar and even a little…

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