Distracted driving can come in many different forms

When driving, the main priority should be the safe operation of the vehicle and arriving at the destination safely. Distractions of any kind can lead to a significantly higher chance of an accident. Most people associate distracted driving with talking on the phone or texting, but it can come in many different forms. A North Carolina driver may be distracted even with both hands on the wheel.

Thanks to hands-free devices and connectivity capabilities in many vehicles, drivers are often able to talk on the phones and use certain features without actually holding the phone. This may seem like it’s safer, but it can be just as distracting as looking at a text. Even if a driver has hands on the wheel, using any phone feature can cause him or her to lose mental focus.

Distracted driving also includes other types of common behaviors that may not seem that dangerous, such as eating and driving or talking to a passenger. Hands-free devices may seem safer, but they are not risk-free. A driver who is distracted in any way is more likely to cause an accident that results in the serious or fatal injury of an innocent individual.

If a North Carolina motorist suffers injuries or loses a loved one because of a distracted driver, there are legal options available. Through a personal injury claim, it is possible to recoup losses and hold negligent parties financially accountable. After an accident, speaking with an experienced accident attorney can help a victim understand the legal options available.

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