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Avoiding problems with a real estate purchase

There are certain problems that may arise with the purchase of a new home when a North Carolina buyer does…

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Real estate trends that could impact the market in 2024

The pandemic had a significant impact on how and where people live and work, and these changes are expected to…

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When is A Real Estate Contract Void?

Buying real estate, whether for your primary residence, for a commercial venture or as an investment, will likely be one…

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Issues a buyer should consider during the purchase process

The purchase of a new home is an exciting step for a North Carolina buyer, but it can also be…

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Preparation is crucial when buying a home in the current market

At this time, there are more people looking to purchase a home than there are homes available to purchase. Sellers currently hold the…

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Negotiating the right terms in a commercial lease

Finding a commercial space that will work for the specific operational needs of a North Carolina business is only the…

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The avoidable mistakes made by commercial real estate investors

The market for commercial real estate may be on the rebound after past year uncertainties attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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House-Hunting Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make

You’ve decided it’s time to break out of rental life and make a big purchase: your first house. You and…

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How can I win a real estate bidding war without overspending?

If you are currently engaged in a bidding war for a piece of property, or if you feel like you…

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What is estate planning in real estate law?

Typically, estate planning refers to all the plans that you do regarding your estate, which can get located in places…

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How does a real estate attorney help when buying a home?

Buying a house is one of the most exciting and expensive transactions that you will ever make. But, the thrill…

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