How can I win a real estate bidding war without overspending?

If you are currently engaged in a bidding war for a piece of property, or if you feel like you will be soon, you might start to worry about how this could affect your finances. Bidding wars drive up the price of a home and that could mean an underwater mortgage in the years ahead.

When it comes to bidding wars, there are no guarantees that things will go as planned. With a few simple rules for yourself, you might be able to get the home you want without breaking the bank.

Remember the budget

If you enter a bidding war, then the chances are good that you really want this specific home. However, Forbes cautions buyers to figure out what you can really afford and then stick to the budget. Even if the bank approves the loan, you might end up stretching the budget too thin, especially if there are off-the-book debts you are repaying.

Offer a fast closing

The home-selling process is sometimes as stressful for sellers as it is for buyers. The opportunity to get out of the market and move on with their lives can prove tempting. A faster close is one way to provide this opportunity. Getting the inspection done quickly and working with a bank known for faster closing can help speed up the process.

Build a relationship with the sellers

People pour a lot of themselves into the place they live. Even though they made the decision to move on, they want to know that their house will be in good hands. Show the sellers that you’re different from other buyers, and they may treat you different when it comes down to offers.

A bidding war calls for new tactics

Bidding wars are unpredictable, high-stress situations. The edge to win may not come down to numbers at all. It might come down to the way you approached the sale from the very beginning.

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