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North Carolina Fathers’ Rights 2024 – Know Your Parental Rights

As a father, you matter in the lives of your children, whether you live with them or not. Knowing your…

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2024 Domestic Partnerships vs. Marriage in North Carolina – What Is the Difference?

Many states in the Union treat domestic partnerships and marriage similarly, but that’s not true in all states. For most…

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North Carolina Common Law Marriage 2024 – All You Need to Know

In most cases, couples get married by using a valid marriage license and having some form of ceremony. They are…

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Are sick spouses more likely to get divorced?

There are many factors that can lead North Carolina spouses to make the decision to end a marriage. Money problems,…

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The emotional challenges associated with a divorce

Divorce is difficult, and the shock that a North Carolina spouse may experience after this decision has the potential to…

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How should a parent tell his or her kids about a divorce?

The decision to end a marriage is difficult and complex, as are the ways this choice could affect the youngest…

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Children should be the priority during a divorce

Ending a marriage can be a complex and emotionally challenging process for two parents, and it can be equally challenging…

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Loyalty traps and their potential impact on children

Children can suffer emotional and mental duress when their parents divorce, which is why parents often make a specific effort…

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A Proper Response to Parental Alienation

One of the most important things for a parent going through a divorce is to protect his or her relationship…

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Maintain the right financial perspective during divorce

Divorce has the potential to bring significant financial changes, and it is in the interests of a North Carolina spouse…

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Retirement and financial stability for women after divorce

The financial changes that happen when a marriage ends can leave both parties struggling to rebuild, especially if they are…

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Parental alienation: A serious post-divorce issu

When parents divorce, they may find their issues with each other do not resolve immediately simply because the divorce is final. The hard…

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Preparing to move forward with a gray divorce

Making the decision to divorce is one of the most important decisions in life, and it will have long-term implications…

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5 ways mediation can reduce your divorce stress

If your marriage is heading for divorce, chances are you are already under a great deal of stress. The months…

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How cryptocurrency is affecting property division during divorce

During a divorce, the fair division of marital property is essential for the financial future of both spouses. This is…

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Can a father win child custody in court?

In the past, family courts often gave preference to mothers in decisions regarding parenting time. While things are improved for…

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The right to make decisions for a child

One of the most important things a parent does for his or her children is to provide guidance and care,…

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Going to divorce? Preparing well is vital for the future

Ending a marriage is a significant decision that will have implications for every member of the family for years to…

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Is a strong financial future possible after a divorce?

The decisions made during the process of ending a marriage will impact a North Carolina spouse for years to come.…

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Don’t let divorce mistakes derail the future

There are many misconceptions about the legal process of ending a marriage, and people often do not realize how their…

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