It’s becoming more dangerous to drive in America

Driving trends and car accident statistics indicate that driving in North Carolina is a risky endeavor. The behavior of drivers seems to be more negligent and reckless, leading to higher numbers of preventable accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released numbers based on data gathered from the first part of 2021, and all signs point to it being more dangerous to drive now than in any other point within the last decade. 

Startling statistics 

Driver behavior has become progressively worse since the pandemic. Now that more drivers are returning to normal schedules and commuting more, these new habits and trends are especially concerning. Numbers released from the NHTSA from the first quarter of the year indicate that motor vehicle fatalities are higher than at any point since 2009. There are various factors that contribute to the rate of accidents, including impaired driving and distracted driving.  

Road safety in North Carolina continues to be a major concern. Drivers are responsible for making choices that do not needlessly endanger others. Actions that can improve negative driving trends includes putting down cell phones while driving, traveling at the posted speed limit, using safety restraints, and sharing the road safely with cyclists and pedestrians.  

Post-accident concerns 

The aftermath of an accident can be an overwhelming time for a victim and his or her family. If the crash was the result of poor driving habits, recklessness or negligent behavior, it is possible the victim has grounds to pursue compensation through a civil claim. The civil justice system offers an organized manner by which a crash victim can recoup losses, cover medical bills and address other post-accident concerns.  

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