Jealousy and custody disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Family law

Custody disputes often disrupt many aspects of a parent’s life, from their ability to focus on work and other responsibilities to their finances and their emotional well-being. Parents frequently experience a range of emotional challenges, from depression and anxiety to jealousy. In some instances, feelings of jealousy are very overwhelming and even debilitating, causing some people to feel as if they cannot move forward in life. It is important to address these feelings properly and one way to tackle negative feelings is to review all legal options to increase the chances of a positive outcome. 

When a parent loses a custody case, they likely will feel very jealous with respect to the other parent’s custody rights. However, parents should not give up and should harness these emotions to look into their possible legal options further. For example, some parents are able to regain the ability to spend more time with their children by taking the correct approach and preparing for the ins and outs of a custody case or their pursuit of visitation rights. 

Regrettably, jealousy sometimes leads to anger and other strong emotions, which sometimes get in the way of a parent’s custody case. These feelings are understandable but also counterproductive, so parents need to look for healthy outlets for these feelings. Picking up a new hobby or discussing these issues with loved ones helps many people work through tough times. Explore our website to read more on the legal side of child custody matters and do your best to stay positive, even though we realize that is very hard for a lot of parents.