How could co-parenting work for your family?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Family law

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is deciding what will happen to the children. North Carolina parents may decide to work together to provide stability and security for their kids by choosing co-parenting. This means they will continue to raise their children together, even though they will be living in two separate homes. This is one of many custody options, and it’s prudent to explore all available choices before making a final choice.

In a true co-parenting arrangement, parents will share parenting time. While they may not have exactly equal amounts of time with their kids, they will have an arrangement that allows the kids to have a strong relationship with both parents. Parents will also make important decisions for their children together, such as those pertaining to religious upbringing, education, health care and more. Each parent will still have the right to make small choices independently.

Co-parenting only works when there is a sense of mutual respect. This means not making the children act as messengers between parents and not speaking negatively about each other in front of the children. Another way to minimize problems is to remain consistent in schedule and systems when going between homes.

The primary focus of any child custody arrangement is to protect the best interests of the children. Co-parenting may be the most beneficial way to do that for a North Carolina family. To help this arrangement work well for years to come, it is helpful to start with the foundation of a thoughtful and carefully drafted custody order.