Removing an heir from an existing estate plan

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Estate Planning

Life is unpredictable, and something that once made sense for long-term plans may not longer be effective. Changes in life and circumstances in a family could lead to a parent wanting to disinherit his or her child. If this is something a North Carolina parent wishes to do, it may be necessary to update an existing estate plan in order to ensure that the terms match current objectives and to lower the risk of complications in the future.

In case of a dispute

A disinherited heir may not respond well to the news that he or she is no longer a beneficiary of an estate. The former heir may move to dispute the current terms of the will or cause other legal complications when the family is trying to settle the estate in the future. There are ways an individual can prepare an estate plan that will minimize issues after disinheriting someone. These include:

  • Implementing the use of trusts
  • Including no-contest clauses in a will
  • Updating beneficiary designations on certain accounts

It is also helpful to clearly communicate with current heirs and beneficiaries about wishes. Communication with family and loved ones can be helpful in the event of a dispute.

A well-prepared plan

Whether creating an estate plan or removing an heir from a plan, it is beneficial to have the help and support of an experienced attorney. North Carolina adults will have peace of mind and security when they have plans in place that allow them to be in control of their estate and assets.