The dangerous implications of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2021 | Personal Injury

A driver has the obligation to operate his or her vehicle responsibly and safely. This means drivers of all ages and experience levels should be aware of things that could cause distraction and avoid them. Cellphone use is the leading cause of distracted driving, but there are many other things that can take a driver’s attention. This includes in-car technology, eating, drinking and much more. Distraction of any kind greatly increases the chance of an accident. 

Types of distraction 

There are different types of distraction, and they all affect North Carolina drivers in different ways. One reason why phone use is particularly risky is because it involves multiple types of distraction at the same time. The primary categories of distraction include: 

  • Cognitive  Cognitive distraction involves the brain, and it includes anything that takes a driver’s mind away from the task at hand. 
  • Manual  Manual distraction typically happens when a driver takes his or her hands off the wheel for any reason, including to hold a phone. 
  • Visual  Visual distraction happens when a driver is looking at something other than the road. This happens when reading a text or looking at a phone. 

Even a few moments of distraction can have devastating consequences. Looking away for just a second or two significantly increases the chance of an accident. 

Rights of victims 

Victims of distracted driving accidents have rights. It is possible the injured party has the right to pursue legal recourse through the North Carolina civil justice system. A lawsuit provides a way to seek damages and compensation for financial loss and other implications from the accident.