Negotiating the right terms in a commercial lease

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Real Estate

Finding a commercial space that will work for the specific operational needs of a North Carolina business is only the first step. After locating the optimal storefront or commercial space, it will then be likely that the business will have to sign a commercial lease. While a landlord or property owner may have a standard lease agreement, it is possible and often most beneficial to negotiate the terms of this contract. 

What should be included? 

The specific terms of a lease agreement matter. The details of an agreement can make a significant difference in the potential for financial risk and legal disputes in the future. Some of the most important terms and details to include in a commercial lease include: 

  • The length of the lease agreement 
  • What is included with the rent each month 
  • Which party is responsible for repairs and changes to the space 

A commercial lease should also include details regarding how the space can be used, who is responsible for the cost of utilities and more. The more detailed the lease, the less likely it will be either party will experience complications over the course of the lease. 

Experienced guidance matters 

It is helpful to negotiate a lease with the help of an experienced North Carolina real estate attorney. When reviewing a contract, discussing terms or navigating a dispute over a lease agreement, experienced guidance matters. Before you sign on the dotted line, you may want to carefully consider the potential implications of any terms you are agreeing to.