Estate plans are especially important for first responders

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2021 | Estate Planning

Planning for the future is a daunting task for many North Carolina adults, but first responders will benefit from putting any uncertainty aside and moving forward with this process. These men and women work in high-risk occupations, and they face the possibility of injury or even death while they are on the clock. Because of their job requirements, estate plans are especially important for emergency workers. 

Planning for potential future needs 

One of the most important things a first responder will have with a complete estate plan is confidence about the future. By drafting a will, one can have the final say in what happens to his or her assets and wealth after passing, ensuring control over these important matters. A trust can also be useful as it allows one to set aside money or assets for a specific use, such as the care of a special needs family member or minor child. 

In addition to an estate plan, it is also important for a first responder to have the right type of insurance coverage. This includes insurance for the possibility of long-term disability and life insurance in case of a fatal accident. First responders could become ill, severely injured and experience other types of consequences because of their jobs. 

Working with a professional 

When creating an estate plan, it is helpful to work with an experienced legal professional. An attorney can provide insight regarding which estate planning tools will be best for the individual situation. North Carolina first responders would be wise not to delay in getting the help they need regarding long-term legal and financial planning.