Are sick spouses more likely to get divorced?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Family law

There are many factors that can lead North Carolina spouses to make decision to end a marriage. Money problems, relationship issues and even sickness can contribute to the strain between spouses, and ultimately, they may decide that getting divorced is the most prudent option for their family. Studies find that marriages with one chronically or seriously ill spouse are more likely to end in divorce.

Additional strain on a relationship

Statistics indicate that sickness can significantly increase the likelihood for divorce, especially if the sick spouse is the wife. This is illustrated in the high-profile divorce between Albert Pujols, a professional baseball player, and his wife, who has cancer. The announcement of their divorce came only shortly after she released a statement explaining that she recently had a brain tumor removed.

One expert explains that while sickness sometimes brings couples together, it can also drive them apart. In many cases, the stress that comes with sickness can exacerbate and bring to light problems that already existed in a relationship. Interestingly, studies found that when the wife was the one with a serious medical problem, the other partner was much more likely to leave.

A difficult process

Divorce is difficult, especially when one is also dealing with a serious illness at the same time.  If a North Carolina spouse is facing the prospect of divorce, he or she will benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced family law attorney. Knowledgeable counsel can help a spouse fight for the best possible outcome, securing his or her future interests for the future.