An up-to-date estate plan is crucial for every adult

Every adult will benefit from planning for the future, taking steps to have control over certain legal, financial and medical issues. Creating an estate plan is only the first step as adjustments, updates and changes to existing plans will be necessary over time. An out-of-date estate plan may not be effective, and it can lead to complications for an individual and his or her loved ones. 

Considerations for changes  

There are specific things that will necessitate changes and updates in an existing estate plan. For example, any changes in tax laws could impact estate planning choices, and changes could be prudent. Moving to a different state, having children, getting married, completing a divorce and various other life changes should cause one to carefully evaluate his or her existing plans. 

Changes to an estate plan may also include adding important documents and establishing a trust. A trust can help one accomplish specific goals for his or her wealth. Other documents, such as a power of attorney, allow one to decide who will act on his or her behalf if incapacitated. This can include making legal, financial and medical decisions. 

The right path forward 

There is no one-size-fits-all estate plan. It is helpful to work with an experienced estate law attorney in order to fully understand what updates and changes may be necessary. With the right help and knowledgeable guidance, a North Carolina adult can take the right path forward, securing his or her long-term interests with a thoughtfully crafted estate planning strategy.  

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