Is it time to end the marriage?

The choice to divorce does not come easy. Even when it is clear that is the best choice in the situation, it’s emotional and stressful to think about extricating two lives and moving on. This is a major life decision, and for you, it may come after a significant event or alteration in your relationship with your spouse.

While every situation is different, there are a few common reasons that often influence a spouse’s choice to divorce. Regardless of why you decided to move forward with this, it is in your interests to start preparing for the process ahead and your post-divorce future. Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are amicable and resolved to work respectfully together to negotiate a fair settlement, it is crucial to be cognizant of your rights and how you can protect your interests.

Common reasons for divorce

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 22% of all marriages experience a serious event in the first five years, such as separation, death of a spouse or divorce. The CDC also states that after 20 years, around 53% have experienced some type of disruption. Some of the most common reasons for divorce include:

  • Substance abuse and addiction-related issues
  • Infidelity, including emotional infidelity
  • Incompatibility of the two spouses
  • Money problems and issues managing finances
  • Extraordinary and unexpected situations
  • Irreconcilable differences between the two spouses

Maybe you are the one who made the decision to divorce, or perhaps you felt blindsided by your spouse filing. It’s also possible that you and your spouse reached this difficult decision together. If you know a divorce is inevitable or you think it could be possible at some point in the future, you would be wise to take steps now to start preparing.

Prepping for your divorce

Regardless of how amicable you and your spouse may be, divorce is a complex legal and financial process. You will find it beneficial to work with an experienced North Carolina family law attorney who can help protect your interests and pursue terms that will make sense for years to come. Decisions based on how you feel at the moment are likely not practical long-term, which is why it is helpful to work with someone who can help you keep your focus on your security and stability in the future.

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