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A Proper Response to Parental Alienation

One of the most important things for a parent going through a divorce is to protect his or her relationship…

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When is A Real Estate Contract Void?

Buying real estate, whether for your primary residence, for a commercial venture or as an investment, will likely be one…

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Updating an existing estate plan is critical

Change is an inevitable part of life, and there are times when these changes could affect legal and financial planning…

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Maintain the right financial perspective during divorce

Divorce has the potential to bring significant financial changes, and it is in the interests of a North Carolina spouse…

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It’s becoming more dangerous to drive in America

Driving trends and car accident statistics indicate that driving in North Carolina is a risky endeavor. The behavior of drivers seems to…

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Defending against drunk driving charges

A DWI in North Carolina can result in significant penalties for an accused individual if he or she is convicted or pleads guilty.…

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Probation violation can result in stiff penalties

The last thing you want is to end up back in jail, especially if your conviction resulted in probation instead…

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Estate plans are especially important for first responders

Planning for the future is a daunting task for many North Carolina adults, but first responders will benefit from putting…

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Retirement and financial stability for women after divorce

The financial changes that happen when a marriage ends can leave both parties struggling to rebuild, especially if they are…

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Parental alienation: A serious post-divorce issu

When parents divorce, they may find their issues with each other do not resolve immediately simply because the divorce is final. The hard…

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Issues a buyer should consider during the purchase process

The purchase of a new home is an exciting step for a North Carolina buyer, but it can also be…

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Holding speeders accountable

If you are concerned about the recent rise in traffic fatalities in North Carolina, you are not alone. Last year, the state saw a…

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Preparing to move forward with a gray divorce

Making the decision to divorce is one of the most important decisions in life, and it will have long-term implications…

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An up-to-date estate plan is crucial for every adult

Every adult will benefit from planning for the future, taking steps to have control over certain legal, financial and medical…

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Preparation is crucial when buying a home in the current market

At this time, there are more people looking to purchase a home than there are homes available to purchase. Sellers currently hold the…

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What damages are available to a personal injury victim?

A car accident has the potential to leave a North Caroline victim struggling with serious injuries and other complications. Of…

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Negotiating the right terms in a commercial lease

Finding a commercial space that will work for the specific operational needs of a North Carolina business is only the…

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Single adults shouldn’t overlook estate planning

Looking to the future and making contingency plans may not seem necessary for adults in certain life circumstances. For example,…

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5 ways mediation can reduce your divorce stress

If your marriage is heading for divorce, chances are you are already under a great deal of stress. The months…

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How cryptocurrency is affecting property division during divorce

During a divorce, the fair division of marital property is essential for the financial future of both spouses. This is…

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