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Is it time to end the marriage?

The choice to divorce does not come easy. Even when it is clear that is the best choice in the…

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How parental kidnapping can affect custody after divorce

During your divorce, you may have endured a heated custody dispute with your ex. Yet, once it finalized, you likely…

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Missteps during divorce can impact the future

The end of a marriage is a complex and emotionally challenging time for every member of a North Carolina family.…

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How could co-parenting work for your family?

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is deciding what will happen to the children. North Carolina parents…

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How is alimony awarded in North Carolina?

During your marriage, your spouse may have been your household’s primary earner. As you two prepare for divorce, you will…

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6 common reasons people seek a divorce

No two divorces are alike. Marriage and divorce are highly personal to the people involved. The reasons you or your…

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What is the legal definition of a father?

North Carolina’s paternity laws for unmarried people are similar to most states. An unwed mother has full legal custody of…

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Jealousy and custody disputes

Custody disputes often disrupt many aspects of a parent’s life, from their ability to focus on work and other responsibilities…

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Accounting for all marital property in a divorce

Dividing marital property in a divorce may be one of the most difficult tasks. While some couples may choose to…

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What factors determine child custody during a divorce?

For parents going through a divorce, there is no more critical issue than the future well-being of their child or…

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Make an educated decision about co-parenting with these facts

As couples in North Carolina divorce, many face a fear of the future and worries for their children. Divorce can…

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